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Living Leadership Coaching Programme (12 sessions) for individual leaders covering the following themes:

  • Overcome your blind spots. Go to work on what’s holding you back. Get your hands back on the steering wheel and lead with your natural purpose and passion
  • Harness your emotional resources and your cognitive brain to make your best decisions
  • Sharpen your conflict management and Non-Violent Communication skills to enhance your team’s wellbeing
  • Set clear boundaries for improved performance and satisfaction (yours and that of those you work with)
  • Communicating beyond defending positions, moving from positionality towards listening without attachment, able to appreciate differences as valuable growth opportunities
  • Who I say I am: leading authentically from my vision and values as distinct from my past identity

Living Leadership Coaching Programme is intended for courageous leaders who are prepared to look inside and challenge themselves to go beyond where they are currently, inspiring themselves and their teams to accomplish new results.

You’ll discover what’s holding you back, so you can refocus on what’s important for you and where you can have an impact. Rather than focusing solely on external factors and the assessments of others, we’ll look within at how you assess yourself and where you consider your strengths and limits to lie.

I’ll invite you to challenge the current horizon you’ve been living into – all the things you tell yourself about why you and your life are the way they are – so that you can go beyond your blind spots and take yourself further.

Building on that foundation and new emerging view of yourself, you can start to create the future you see to be possible, which may have seemed impossible thus far. You will learn and use proven tools and processes to draw on your self-kindness, expanding your resilience and confidence to fuel your growth. This growth process unfolds over time. As an analogy, if you want to pick fruit, you need to water the plant!

I will support you in enquiring systematically into the things that are of most importance for you, by considering impactful questions that reveal how you see yourself and your life, so that you can get a different perspective and whole new dimensions and insights can show up. This is particularly noticeable in areas you may have considered closed, sorted or just the way you are.

What do I expect from you? Your commitment and willingness to take on the ideas and perspectives and exercises offered to you, so we both take your development seriously in a supportive atmosphere of complete trust so you can feel comfortable. Be curious, ask questions when things don’t make sense, when it seems too challenging for you and everything seems stuck – these are healthy signs that the learning process is alive and well!

Besides the 12 1-hour sessions, delivered via Zoom or in person, you’ll receive exercises and tools, homework to put into practice what we cover in the sessions, so we can continually review how you get on and deepen the insights. You will come away being a new kind of leader, someone fully in action (being in action, not thinking about action), who can get themselves back on track in an instant whenever distractions happen, with a new sense of what’s possible for you and your teams.

As I said above, if you participate fully and take yourself on, you will experience the sensation of getting your hands back on the steering wheel and leading with our natural purpose and passion. That’s my promise to you.

Many people have concerns about how they show up, present, perform in whatever way at work and in their private lives too.  More than just a label, performance anxiety has become something regularly talked about since the COVID Pandemic both for leaders managing their own anxiety and in trying to support their employees during challenging times.  Its grip goes deeper than our work routines, draining our energy and affecting our overall wellbeing.

Read my Free Guide on How to handle yourself, raise your game and perform at your best.  If this speaks to your situation and you are interested in how to make anxiety your ally and turn everyday stress into an empowering kind of stress, get in touch and we can arrange coaching on how to reclaim and transform your relationship with anxiety, however it manifests for you.

Rather than take a holiday and hope for relief from anxiety, treat yourself to some performance anxiety coaching that will have a real impact on your performance and wellbeing that reconnects you to the source of your strengths.

LYP also offers individual bespoke coaching packages tailored to address your specific requirements, goals and timeline.

360 appraisals to develop your team members with follow-up coaching support to harvest feedback and process your reaction to whatever challenges you about that evaluation. This is so that you can take on all the feedback as a valuable contribution, draw out the learnings and put them into operation at work.

Mentoring services offer role and career development to your staff by working with one of our team members who can bring valuable career experience, be a sparring partner, share case studies and provide success stories, to help your staff navigate the pathway forward confidently towards the next milestones of their career development.

Mentoring sessions are designed according to your objectives, which we scope out together at the beginning focusing on specific challenges, milestones, operational implementation challenges and areas of knowledge you want to develop. Our approach is to challenge what you currently see to be possible around your objectives and to support you in dealing with what’s holding you back, so you can go beyond your comfort zone and achieve new results.

Typical mentoring areas may include:

  • Navigating unfamiliar territory: equipping you for success in your international role
  • Presenting strategic proposals to stakeholders to engage their commitment and action
  • Fire up your teams and expert groups’ engagement to facilitate new results
  • Move your board meetings from analysis and division to alignment and action
  • Managing difficult conversations, e.g. handling negative feedback from clients and stakeholders; preparing for staff appraisals and giving feedback on unsatisfactory performance

Services to leaders of global membership organisations (e.g. global networks/associations of professional services firms) include:

  • Membership health-check (independent feedback for membership organisations)
  • Review your competitive positioning and future-proof your vision
  • Boost stakeholder engagement to accelerate your projects

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