Live Your Performance




In 2021 a top 5 global accounting association wanted a coach to work with two members of their global executive team. The goal was twofold – to recognise their achievements and potential by investing in their further professional and personal development through coaching support, and secondly to help them transition to deliver a new global strategy effectively in their distinct roles together with the rest of the global executive team. This latter objective was new territory and required a change of mindset and perspective from everyone in line with delivering the new global strategy of the association.

They chose Live Your Performance Consulting because of our familiarity with the challenges facing global associations in launching and delivering new global strategies, including how to position the new vision effectively to gain understanding and buy-in, inspire support from members in the implementation phase and to shift mindset from current practice to the new ways of working needed to deliver the added value which member firms expect.

Over a period of 6 months, both team members rose to their individual challenges, showing new courage in having challenging conversations internally to ensure clarity of purpose and alignment was present within the team. They reported a shift in their ability to raise topics of concern to them and to seek feedback for the purpose of pushing ahead towards their goals. The coaches and the CEO reported the successful launch of the global strategy and a valuable new sense of confidence and alignment around taking the further steps to delivery.


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